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California Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are considered nature's candy. The dates fruit is extremely sweet and the date fruit is very large relative to other dates. There are often huge price differences between Medjool dates, this is due to the fact that Medjool dates are graded into different categories. Some growers discard the low end Medjool dates and some sell all of them. The cultivation of the medjool date is different than the cultivation of other dates, because the Medjool date is considered to be a dessert date and it is really not interchangeable with other dates. In the middle east dates are eaten as part of the every day staple diet, but the Medjool date is treated differently not eaten in the same large quantities. The date fruit that is eaten in the middle east is a much smaller fruit that is not nearly as sweet as the Medjool date. Medjool dates and all dates for that matter are very nutritious and contain more potassium than any other fruit. The Medjool date and all date fruit is considered a powerfood. You cannot get as much nutritional value out of other foods as the medjool date on an ounce for ounce comparison basis. There are a few exceptions, but the medjool date is one of the most nutrition packed foods around. The date also has a lot of fiber, so it is good for many healthy reasons, not just as a dessert. The date fruit was a staple food for the desert people in the Middle East. The date fruit is comparable to wheat in European countries.

Cultivating The Medjool Date

Getting a Medjool date is a complicated process. The Medjool date starts with a medjool date palm. The medjool date plam cannot be obtained by simply planting a Medjool date seed. The date palm from a seed can any kind of date and can result in an entire different variety of dates. It is exciting, but unpredictable to grow dates from seed. The date palm has to come from shoots. Shoots are very expensive, because essentially you are buying a three year old date palm, which has required a lot of resources to get to that point in time. Once you have a date palm you require the write climate. Contrary to popular belief tropical areas are not the proper climate for all palms. Date palms require a dry environment. The irony is that a Medjool Date palm requires a lot of water. So, not only must you have a desert, but you must have a lot of water. That eliminates the majority of all land in the US. There are few spots in the country where water is available in a desert. California happens to be an ideal place, because water was made available in the southern low deserts. A lot of food is grown in the southern deserts in Southern California. The Coachella Valley is the home of about 90% of all dates produced and sold in the US. The Medjool date accounts for a small portion of all the dates grown.

Once you have the date palm and the proper environment, the next part is patience. It takes at least five years before a date palm starts producing dates. Medjool dates require patience and work. Once the dates coming in the date palm needs a lot of work to insure the Medjool dates develop to the large size and to insure they are protected from birds and rain. Generally rain is not a problem, but sometimes it is a problem. The bunches of dates are wrapped to keep the rain and birds out of the fruit. Then the dates are hand harvested, just a few at a time. The medjool date requires an unbelieavable amount of work. Finally the end result is jumbo Medjool dates, good enough for royalty. At one time the Medjool dates were reserved for royalty.


Medjool Dates Are Great.

Medjool Date Have Superior Nutritional Content To Other Fruit. Date fruit is a power food.


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